About US

My Candle's Pot was born with the idea to give the possibility to people to start a new crafting hobby which is getting more popular every day. Crafting things has always been a way for human beings to express themselves and find peace in moments. Crafting candles could be your hidden passion and the way to spend your free time creating something beautiful that can be used around you.

We believe that making hand-crafted candles is a very good way of using time, but also great for caring and loving your own space. We strive to ensure that our products are made with the best ingredients and materials while preserving the environment as much as possible.

At the candle's pot, is more than just making candles: we're passionate about creating unique experiences by introducing people to the art of hand-crafting candles.

Our honor to introduce you to this amazing hobby, the world of crafting candles. Support us today on our social media to help us add more products and variants for you. Find today on our social media ideas and guides to help you make the best candles.

"Your home deserves better candles!"